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Fri May 3 12:00:08 CEST 2019

Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Cogliati
* New papers by: Mondino, Catino, Pagliari, Sapio, Scharrer, Mennucci, Monticelli, Wang, Rinaldo, Punzo, Caponi, Choksi, Liu, Lu
* Modified papers by: Mazanti, Squassina, Kreutz, Friedrich, Lussardi, Beschastnyi, Laux, Mateu, Rondi, Liu, Mora, Carrillo, Zhang, De Philippis, Lerario, Verdera, Dweik, Barilari, Fried, Scardia

--- Events next week ---
* Indam Intensive Period: Shape optimization, control and inverse problems for PDEs
  Mon 6 May 2019 - Fri 12 July 2019

* Recent advances in Phase-Field modeling: from Engineering to Biology
  Wed 8 May 2019 - Fri 10 May 2019

--- Seminars next week ---
Fri 3 May 2019
* Alberto Cogliati: Riflessioni intorno all'opera di Bianchi e di Ricci Curbastro
  The talk will be held at the sns, room to be confirmed., 11:00

--- New Papers ---
* Mennucci: On Perimeters and Volumes of Fattened Sets
* Mondino, Scharrer: Existence and Regularity of Spheres Minimising the Canham-Helfrich Energy
* Caponi, Sapio: A dynamic model for viscoelastic materials with prescribed growing cracks
* Liu, Lu: Real order (an)-isotropic total variation in image processing - Part II:  Learning of optimal structures
* Choksi, Lu: Bounds on the Geometric Complexity of Optimal Centroidal Voronoi  Tesselations in 3D
* Liu, Lu: Real order (an)-isotropic total variation in image processing - Part I:  analytical analysis and functional properties
* Lu, Rinaldo, Wang: DBSCAN: Optimal Rates For Density Based Clustering
* Pagliari: Halfspaces minimise nonlocal perimeter: a proof via calibrations
* Catino, Monticelli, Punzo: The Poisson equation on Riemannian manifolds with weighted Poincaré inequality at infinity

--- Modified Papers ---
* Carrillo, Mateu, Mora, Rondi, Scardia, Verdera: The ellipse law: Kirchhoff meets dislocations
* Barilari, Beschastnyi, Lerario: Volume of small balls and sub-Riemannian curvature in 3D contact manifolds
* De Philippis, Laux: Implicit time discretization for the mean curvature flow of outward minimizing sets
* Liu, Squassina, Zhang: Modulational stability of ground states to nonlinear Kirchhoff equations
* Fried, Lussardi: Monotonicity formulae for smooth extremizers of integral functionals
* Dweik, Mazanti: Sharp semi-concavity in a non-autonomous control problem and $L^p$ estimates in an optimal-exit MFG
* Friedrich, Kreutz: Crystallization in the hexagonal lattice for ionic dimers

--- Open Positions ---
* Five PhD position at Roma Tor Vergata University (deadline: Mon 13 May 2019)

* PhD positions in Mathematics at the University of Münster (deadline: Wed 15 May 2019)

* Postdoc or PhD position at the University of Vienna (deadline: Thu 23 May 2019)

* (NEW) Multiple Postdoc and  PhD positions on large scale structured machine learning  -  University of Genova, Italy (deadline: Sat 25 May 2019)

* PhD Position at the University of Sussex (deadline: Fri 31 May 2019)
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