Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Multiple Postdoc and PhD positions on large scale structured machine learning - University of Genova, Italy

created by savare on 01 May 2019

Deadline: 25 may 2019

There will be 4 Postdoc and 4 PHD positions to work broadly on large scale structured machine learning, supported by an ERC consolidator grant.

All the projects will aim at developing theoretical and algorithmic ideas that can explain the success of current systems as well as suggest the development of novel practical and efficient solutions. Candidates must have strong mathematical and computational skills.

Specific topics of interest include but are not limited to

• the use of deterministic and random projections (sketching-subsampling)

• the development of optimization methods (stochastic, accelerated, distributed , parallel) for non-smooth and possibly non convex problems

• the development of efficient machine learning algorithms for data with geometric structure (graph, string, permutations, manifolds) as well as time structure (dynamical systems).

While the emphasis is on methodological and computational aspects, the candidates will have the opportunity to work in close collaborations on a number of applications, including high energy physics data analysis and robotics (perception-control).

All the research activities will be carried out at the University of Genova within a newly formed machine learning center across the Mathematics and Computer Science departments. The center counts over 10 faculties and 30 between PhD students + postdocs and provides a lively and dynamic work environment.

Genova sits amidst of the Italian riviera and offer excellent life quality. Post doc salaries varies depending on experience and are commensurate to international standards.

All position will start November 2019. Applicants need to apply to an open call that will be available by end of may.

However, at this point we recommend perspective candidates to make an expression of interest before May 25th by sending an e-mail including a CV and the name of two references to

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