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Fri May 24 12:00:16 CEST 2019

Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Nodargi, Goldman, Yang, Zappale, Mazzoleni, Gomes, Braides, Ferreira, Otto, Rajala, Degiovanni, Merlet, Lučić, Iurlano, Babadjian, Lemenant, Kreisbeck, Huesmann, Pasqualetto
* Modified papers by: Cesaroni, Ambrosio, Oudet, Buttazzo, Guarino Lo Bianco, Lussardi, Morandotti, Marzocchi, Alberti, Pozzi, van Meurs, Bevilacqua, Novaga, Bruè, Semola

--- Events next week ---
* Analytic and Geometric Aspects of PDEs
  Mon 27 May 2019 - Thu 30 May 2019
  Dipartimento di Matematica - Politecnico di Milano

* Brescia - Trento Nonlinear Day - Ed. III
  Fri 31 May 2019 - Fri 31 May 2019

--- New Papers ---
* Braides, Nodargi: Homogenization of cohesive fracture in masonry structures
* Goldman, Merlet: Non-convex functionals penalizing simultaneous oscillations along  independent directions: rigidity estimates
* Lučić, Pasqualetto, Rajala: Sharp estimate on the inner distance in planar domains
* Kreisbeck, Zappale: Lower semicontinuity and relaxation of nonlocal $L^\infty$-functionals
* Babadjian, Iurlano, Lemenant: Partial regularity for the crack set minimizing the two-dimensional Griffith energy
* Goldman, Huesmann, Otto: Quantitative linearization results for the Monge-Ampère equation
* Degiovanni, Mazzoleni: Optimization results for the higher eigenvalues of the $p$-Laplacian associated with sign-changing capacitary measures
* Ferreira, Gomes, Yang: Two-scale homogenization of a stationary mean-field game

--- Modified Papers ---
* Bevilacqua, Lussardi, Marzocchi: Soap film spanning an elastic link
* Bruè, Semola: Regularity of Lagrangian flows over $RCD^*(K,N)$ spaces
* Alberti, Buttazzo, Guarino Lo Bianco, Oudet: Optimal reinforcing networks for elastic membranes
* Morandotti, van Meurs: Discrete-to-continuum limits of particles with an annihilation rule
* Cesaroni, Novaga: Symmetric self-shrinkers for the fractional mean curvature flow
* Ambrosio, Bruè, Semola: Rigidity of the 1-Bakry-Émery inequality and sets of finite perimeter in RCD spaces
* Novaga, Pozzi: A second order gradient  ow of $p$-elastic planar networks

--- Open Positions ---
* Multiple Postdoc and  PhD positions on large scale structured machine learning  -  University of Genova, Italy (deadline: Sat 25 May 2019)

* Five PhD position at Roma Tor Vergata University (deadline: Thu 30 May 2019)

* PhD Position at the University of Sussex (deadline: Fri 31 May 2019)

* Professorship in Optimization, TU Dresden (deadline: Fri 21 June 2019)

* PhD position, Technical University of Munich (deadline: Sun 30 June 2019)

* (NEW) Postdoctoral position in real analysis and geometry (Institut Fourier, Grenoble, France) (deadline: Sun 30 June 2019)
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