Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Postdoctoral position in real analysis and geometry (Institut Fourier, Grenoble, France)

created by rizzi1 on 22 May 2019

Deadline: 30 jun 2019

The post-doc position is supported and funded by the ANR project « Real analysis and geometry" (RAGE).

Applicants must have obtained a Ph.D. or equivalent degree after January 2016 and before the beginning of the contract. Successful applicants should have a background in real analysis, harmonic analysis, Riemannian andor sub-Riemannian geometry. During the post-doctoral contract, heshe is expected to work one one of the thematics of the ANR project, either in analysis or geometry. A non-exhaustive list of possible topics is:

- Harmonic Analysis (analysis on doubling spaces, Hardy spaces associated to operators, Riesz transforms, Fourier analysis, ...)

- Geometric analysis (on Riemannian and sub-Riemannian manifolds, Carnot groups, discrete groups, graphs, metric spaces, ...)

- Spectral geometry, heat kernel estimates, ...

The contract is expected to begin on October 1st 2019, but this date is not strict and can be delayed upon mutual agreement, or if no suitable candidates are found.

Instructions for application on the link below.

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