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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Patacchini, BARIK, Ankik Kumar Giri, Ankik Kumar Giri, Laurençot, Ankik Kumar Giri, Santambrogio, Giri, Ankik Kumar Giri, Iacobelli
* Modified papers by: Liu, Xu, Lu, Lin, Segura de León, Yu, Kamensky, Hsu, Bazilevs, Hughes, Garcia-Cervera, Joo, Bartolucci, Jevnikar, Giachetti, Neel, Silveira, Giorgi, Carrillo, Figalli, Barilari, Agrachev, Santambrogio, Rizzi, Malusa, Schmidtchen, De Cicco, Fagioli, Boscain, Novaga, Gao

--- New Papers ---
* Iacobelli, Patacchini, Santambrogio: Weighted ultrafast diffusion equations: from well-posedness to long-time behaviour
* BARIK, Giri: A note on mass-conserving solutions to the coagulation-fragmentation  equation by using non-conservative approximation
* Ankik Kumar Giri, BARIK: Weak solutions to the continuous coagulation model with collisional
* Ankik Kumar Giri, BARIK, Laurençot: Mass-conserving solutions to the Smoluchowski coagulation equation with
  singular kernel
* Ankik Kumar Giri, BARIK: Global classical solutions to the continuous coagulation equation with
  collisional breakage
* Ankik Kumar Giri, BARIK: Existence and uniqueness of weak solutions to the singular kernels
  coagulation equation with collisional breakage

--- Modified Papers ---
* Agrachev, Barilari, Rizzi: Curvature: a variational approach
* Rizzi, Silveira: Sub-Riemannian Ricci curvatures and universal diameter bounds for  3-Sasakian manifolds
* Agrachev, Boscain, Neel, Rizzi: Intrinsic random walks in Riemannian and sub-Riemannian geometry via  volume sampling
* Lu: On the solutions of a 2+1 dimensional model for epitaxial growth with axial symmetry
* Barilari, Rizzi: Sharp measure contraction property for generalized H-type Carnot groups
* Gao, Liu, Lu, Xu: Maximal monotone operator in non-reflexive Banach space and the application to thin film equation in epitaxial growth on vicinal surface
* Lu: Analytical validation of a 2+1 dimensional continuum model for epitaxial growth with elastic substrate
* De Cicco, Giachetti, Segura de León: Elliptic problems involving the 1-Laplacian and a singular lower order term
* Malusa, Novaga: Crystalline evolutions in chessboard-like microstructures
* Gao, Liu, Lu: Gradient flow approach to an exponential thin film equation: global existence and latent singularity
* Bazilevs, Hsu, Hughes, Kamensky, Lu, Yu: Error estimates for dynamic augmented Lagrangian boundary condition enforcement, with application to immersogeometric fluid–structure interaction
* Garcia-Cervera, Giorgi, Joo, Lu: Switching mechanism in the B_{1RevTilted} phase of bent-core liquid crystals
* Carrillo, Fagioli, Santambrogio, Schmidtchen: Splitting schemes & segregation in reaction-(cross-)diffusion systems
* Bartolucci, Jevnikar, Lin: Non-degeneracy and uniqueness of solutions to singular mean field equations on bounded domains
* Figalli: Regularity of interfaces in phase transitions via obstacle problems

--- Open Positions ---
* open post-doc position in Applied Analysis at TU Dresden (deadline: Sun 26 August 2018)

* PostDoc position in applied analysis at the University of Augsburg (deadline: Wed 29 August 2018)

* Tenure-Track position Departamento de Matemática PUC-RIO (deadline: Fri 31 August 2018)

* Open position as full Professor in Analysis at Bielefeld University (deadline: Sun 30 September 2018)
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