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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Lucardesi, Seppecher, Bouchitté, Fragalà, Figalli, Alibert
* Modified papers by: Di Marino, Lucardesi, Le Donne, Almi, Capogna, Citti, Bogosel, Henrot, Scala, Louet, Ottazzi

--- Events next week ---
* Homogenisation in Disordered Media
  Sun 19 August 2018 - Sat 25 August 2018
  Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University

* New trends in the variational modeling of failure phenomena
  Mon 20 August 2018 - Fri 24 August 2018

--- New Papers ---
* Bouchitté, Fragalà, Lucardesi, Seppecher: Optimal thin torsion rods and Cheeger sets
* Alibert, Bouchitté, Fragalà, Lucardesi: A nonstandard free boundary problem arising in the shape optimization of thin torsion rods
* Bouchitté, Fragalà, Lucardesi: Shape derivatives for minima of integral functionals
* Lucardesi: Concentration phenomena in the optimal design of thin rods
* Bouchitté, Fragalà, Lucardesi: A variational method for second order shape derivatives
* Figalli: Regularity of interfaces in phase transitions via obstacle problems

--- Modified Papers ---
* Capogna, Citti, Le Donne, Ottazzi: Conformality and $Q$-harmonicity in sub-Riemannian manifolds
* Di Marino, Louet: The entropic regularization of the Monge problem on the real line
* Scala: Optimal estimates for the triple junction function and other surprising aspects of the area functional
* Bogosel, Henrot, Lucardesi: Minimization of the eigenvalues of the Dirichlet-Laplacian with a diameter constraint
* Almi, Lucardesi: Energy release rate and stress intensity factors in planar elasticity in presence of smooth cracks

--- Open Positions ---
* open post-doc position in Applied Analysis at TU Dresden (deadline: Sun 26 August 2018)

* PostDoc position in applied analysis at the University of Augsburg (deadline: Wed 29 August 2018)

* Tenure-Track position Departamento de Matemática PUC-RIO (deadline: Fri 31 August 2018)

* Open position as full Professor in Analysis at Bielefeld University (deadline: Sun 30 September 2018)
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