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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Maalaoui, Fonseca, Lucardesi, Santambrogio, Almi, Pinamonti, Cristoferi, Hagerty, Popovici, Colturato
* Modified papers by: Ambrosio, Fonseca, Menzel, Miranda Jr, Dall'Acqua, Pallara, Pasqualetto, Pluda, Ikoma, Garcke, Nguyen, Lučić, Mondino, Schikorra, Ferrari, Brasco, Sire, Pinamonti, Degiovanni, Lindgren, Colturato, Nguyen , Cristoferi, Malchiodi, Colli

--- News ---
* "Calcolo delle Variazioni ed EDP"

--- Events next week ---
* Homogenisation in Disordered Media
  Sun 19 August 2018 - Sat 25 August 2018
  Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University

--- New Papers ---
* Almi, Lucardesi: Energy release rate and stress intensity factors in lanar elasticity in presence of smooth cracks
* Colturato: Well-posedness and longtime behavior for a singular phase field system with perturbed phase dynamics
* Colturato: Phase field systems with maximal monotone nonlinearities related to sliding mode control problems
* Cristoferi, Fonseca, Hagerty, Popovici: A homogenization result in the gradient theory of phase transitions
* Santambrogio: A short story on optimal transport and its many applications
* Maalaoui, Pinamonti: Interpolations and Fractional Sobolev Spaces in Carnot Groups

--- Modified Papers ---
* Cristoferi: On periodic critical points and local minimizers of the Ohta-Kawasaki functional
* Cristoferi: A second order local minimality criterion for the triple junction singularity of the Mumford-Shah functional
* Degiovanni, Pluda: Nontrivial solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations with natural growth conditions
* Colli, Colturato: Global existence for a singular phase field system related to a sliding mode control problem
* Ferrari, Miranda Jr, Pallara, Pinamonti, Sire: Fractional Laplacians, perimeters and heat semigroups in Carnot groups
* Dall'Acqua, Pluda: Some minimization problems for planar networks of elastic curves
* Brasco, Lindgren, Schikorra: Higher Holder regularity for the fractional $p-$Laplacian in the superquadratic case
* Garcke, Menzel, Pluda: Willmore flow of planar networks
* Cristoferi, Fonseca: Piecewise constant reconstruction of damaged color images
* Ambrosio: Calculus, heat flow and curvature-dimension bounds in metric measure spaces
* Lučić, Pasqualetto: The Serre-Swan theorem for normed modules
* Ikoma, Malchiodi, Mondino: Foliation by area-constrained Willmore spheres near a non-degenerate critical point of the scalar curvature
* Nguyen , Nguyen: Good-$\lambda$  and Muckenhoupt-Wheeden type bounds in quasilinear measure datum problems, with applications

--- Open Positions ---
* open post-doc position in Applied Analysis at TU Dresden (deadline: Sun 26 August 2018)

* (NEW) PostDoc position in applied analysis at the University of Augsburg (deadline: Wed 29 August 2018)

* Tenure-Track position Departamento de Matemática PUC-RIO (deadline: Fri 31 August 2018)

* Open position as full Professor in Analysis at Bielefeld University (deadline: Sun 30 September 2018)
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