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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Bourne, Goldman, Brasco, Lucardesi, Morandotti, Schmitzer, Tice, Otto, NGUYEN, Nguyen, Zucco, Wirth, TANG , Scala, Leoni, Huesmann
* Modified papers by: Squassina, Saracco, Pinamonti, Alicandro, Toader, Carrillo, Palombaro, Vecchi, Schikorra, Brasco, Santambrogio, Rizzi, Dal Maso, Schmidtchen, Cushing, Liu, Münch, Peyerimhoff, Rossi, Lazzaroni, Bourne, Barilari, Fagioli, Thomas, Nguyen, Leonardi, Lindgren

--- Events next week ---
* Meeting on Applied Mathematics and Calculus of Variations
  Mon 3 September 2018 - Thu 6 September 2018
  Rome, Sapienza

* Advanced School on Theories and Applications of Liquid Crystals
  Mon 3 September 2018 - Fri 7 September 2018
  Università di Napoli Federico II, Naples

--- New Papers ---
* Brasco: On principal frequencies and inradius in convex sets
* Bourne, Schmitzer, Wirth: Semi-discrete unbalanced optimal transport and quantization
* Lucardesi, Morandotti, Scala, Zucco: Upscaling of screw dislocations with increasing tangential strain
* Goldman, Huesmann, Otto: A large-scale regularity theory for the Monge-Ampère equation with rough data and application to the optimal matching problem
* Leoni, Tice: Traces for homogeneous Sobolev spaces in infinite strip-like domains
* NGUYEN, Nguyen, TANG : Energy conservation for inhomogeneous incompressible and compressible Euler equations

--- Modified Papers ---
* Lazzaroni, Rossi, Thomas, Toader: Rate-independent damage in thermo-viscoelastic materials with inertia
* Barilari, Rizzi: Sharp measure contraction property for generalized H-type Carnot groups
* Bourne, Cushing, Liu, Münch, Peyerimhoff: Ollivier-Ricci idleness functions of graphs
* Alicandro, Dal Maso, Lazzaroni, Palombaro: Derivation of a linearised elasticity model from singularly perturbed multiwell energy functionals
* Leonardi, Saracco: Two examples of minimal Cheeger sets in the plane
* Nguyen, Pinamonti, Squassina, Vecchi: Some characterizations of magnetic Sobolev spaces
* Carrillo, Fagioli, Santambrogio, Schmidtchen: Splitting schemes & segregation in reaction-(cross-)diffusion systems
* Brasco, Lindgren, Schikorra: Higher Holder regularity for the fractional $p-$Laplacian in the superquadratic case

--- Open Positions ---
* Tenure-Track position Departamento de Matemática PUC-RIO (deadline: Fri 31 August 2018)

* Open position as full Professor in Analysis at Bielefeld University (deadline: Sun 30 September 2018)
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