Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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F. Maggi - M. Novack

Isoperimetric residues and a mesoscale flatness criterion for hypersurfaces with bounded mean curvature

created by maggi on 06 May 2022



Inserted: 6 may 2022
Last Updated: 6 may 2022

Pages: 67
Year: 2022


We obtain a full resolution result for minimizers in the exterior isoperimetric problem with respect to a compact obstacle in the large volume regime $v\to\infty$. This is achieved by the study of a Plateau-type problem with free boundary (both on the compact obstacle and at infinity) which is used to identify the first obstacle-dependent term (called isoperimetric residue) in the energy expansion, as $v\to\infty$, of the exterior isoperimetric problem. A crucial tool in the analysis of isoperimetric residues is a new "mesoscale flatness criterion'' for hypersurfaces with bounded mean curvature, which we obtain as a development of ideas originating in the theory of minimal surfaces with isolated singularities.


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