Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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C. Scheven - T. Schmidt

An Anzellotti type pairing for divergence-measure fields and a notion of weakly super-1-harmonic functions

created by schmidt on 20 Oct 2015
modified on 08 Mar 2017



Inserted: 20 oct 2015
Last Updated: 8 mar 2017

Year: 2015

Annoucement of [2830] and [3320]


We study generalized products of divergence-measure fields and gradient measures of $\mathrm{BV}$ functions. These products depend on the choice of a representative of the $\mathrm{BV}$ function, and here we single out a specific choice which is suitable in order to define and investigate a notion of weak supersolutions for the 1-Laplace operator.


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