Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

G. B. Maggiani - M. G. Mora

A dynamic evolution model for perfectly plastic plates

created by maggiani on 24 Sep 2015
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Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences (M3AS)

Inserted: 24 sep 2015
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Year: 2015


We consider the dynamic evolution of a linearly elastic-perfectly plastic plate subject to a purely vertical body load. As the thickness of the plate goes to zero, we prove that the three-dimensional evolutions converge to a solution of a certain reduced model. In this limit model admissible displacements are of Kirchhoff-Love type. Moreover, the motion of the body is governed by an equilibrium equation for the stretching stress, a hyperbolic equation involving the vertical displacement and the bending stress, and a rate-independent plastic flow rule. Some further properties of the reduced model are also discussed.

Keywords: Functions of Bounded Deformation, Prandtl-Reuss plasticity, perfect plasticity, thin plates, Dynamic evolution