Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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M. Bonacini

Stability of equilibrium configurations for elastic films in two and three dimensions

created by bonacini on 07 Aug 2013
modified on 12 May 2015


Published Paper

Inserted: 7 aug 2013
Last Updated: 12 may 2015

Journal: Adv. Calc. Var.
Volume: 8
Number: 2
Pages: 117-153
Year: 2015
Doi: 10.1515/acv-2013-0018


We establish a local minimality sufficiency criterion, based on the strict positivity of the second variation, in the context of a variational model for the epitaxial growth of elastic films. Our result holds also in the three-dimensional case and for a general class of nonlinear elastic energies. Applications to the study of the local minimality of flat morphologies are also shown.

Keywords: second variation, Epitaxially strained elastic films, Local minimality


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