Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

A. Lemenant - E. Milakis - L. V. Spinolo

Spectral Stability Estimates for the Dirichlet and Neumann Laplacian in rough domains

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Published Paper

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Journal: J. Funct. Anal.
Year: 2013


In this paper we establish new quantitative stability estimates with respect to domain perturbations for all the eigenvalues of both the Neumann and the Dirichlet Laplacian. Our main results follow from an abstract lemma stating that it is actually sufficient to provide an estimate on suitable projection operators. Whereas this lemma could be applied under different regularity assumptions on the domain, here we use it to estimate the spectrum in Lipschitz and in so-called Reifenberg-flat domains. Our argument also relies on suitable extension techniques and on an estimate on the decay of the eigenfunctions at the boundary which could be interpreted as a boundary regularity result.

Keywords: Eigenvalue problem, Reifenberg-flat domains, Extension domains