Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Thematic Session on GMT

created by resende on 06 Feb 2023
modified on 26 Jun 2023

24 jul 2023 - 28 jul 2023   [open in google calendar]

IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is part of the 34º Brazilian Colloquium of Mathematics (34º Colóquio Brasileiro de Matemática, CBM) which is a broder event containing various minicourses and thematic sessions covering several areas of mathematics. You can find more information about the minicourses, thematic sessions, and plenary speakers on our website.

The Thematic Session on Geometric Measure Theory (GMT) aims at gathering specialists, and also early career researches, in GMT at large. Disclosing this amazing mathematical field (GMT) in Brazil surely stands as our main goal with this thematic session.

Organizers: Stefano Nardulli, Paolo Piccione, Reinaldo Resende.

Speakers: Gioacchino Antonelli, Camillo De Lellis, Mattia Fogagnolo, Nicola Gigli, Raquel Perales, Mircea Petrache, Aldo Pratelli, Anna Skorobogatova.