Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Calculus of Variations and Applications in Trani

created by orlando on 02 Sep 2019

28 oct 2019 - 31 oct 2019   [open in google calendar]

Trani (BT), Italy

The aim of this event is to gather researchers with different expertise in a variety of emerging areas of Mathematical Analysis to share recent results and discuss future research directions. The focus will be new trends in the Calculus of Variations, Partial Differential Equations, and their applications to Materials Science and Engineering.

Registration to the workshop is free but mandatory. Participants have the possibility to apply to present a poster during a poster session.

Organizers: Vito Crismale, Flaviana Iurlano, Gianluca Orlando.

Speakers: Adolfo Arroyo-Rabasa, Jean-Fran├žois Babadjian, Annika Bach, Marco Bonacini, Giacomo Canevari, Marco Cicalese, Franz Gmeineder, Michael Goldman, Giuliano Lazzaroni, Marco Morandotti, Mariapia Palombaro, Marcello Ponsiglione, Riccarda Rossi, Matthias Ruf, Lucia Scardia, Francesco Solombrino, Caterina Ida Zeppieri.