Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Alessio Figalli, Fields medallist 2018

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modified on 12 Jan 2019

14 jan 2019 - 17 jan 2019   [open in google calendar]

SNS (Jan. 14, morning), Aula Magna Pontecorvo (Jan. 14, afternoon, till the end)

This event, organized by SNS, UMI and the Mathematics Department of Pisa University, celebrates the Fields medallist Alessio Figalli, former student of SNS and of the University of Pisa, and PhD student at SNS and ENS Lyon. For this special occasion it has been decided to select speakers that had a major role in Figalli's career, either by inspiring and guiding him during his early stage, or by collaborating with him on the projects for which the Fields Medal has been awarded.

Registration is free but mandatory, for the purpose of a correct estimate of the number of participants. The deadline for registration is November 30, 2018, at

Speakers: Giovanni Alberti, José Antonio Carrillo, Antonio Corbo Esposito, Camillo De Lellis, Guido De Philippis, Albert Fathi, Nicola Gigli, Francesco Maggi, Robert J. McCann, Aldo Pratelli, Ludovic Rifford, Juan Luis Vazquez.