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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Fogagnolo, Pasqualetto
* New papers by: Scilla, Campbell, Marconi, Spinolo, Radici, Glaudo, Goodrich, Kauranen, Ros-Oton, Pratelli, Cinti, Crippa, Serra, Colombo, Stroffolini
* Modified papers by: Stuvard, Chambolle, Runa, Pozzetta, Pratelli, Comi, Riva, Calzi, Gallagher, Friedrich, Bahouri, Gidoni, Radici, Tonegawa, Goffi, Barilari, Maione, Campbell, Brasco, Salort, Gómez-Castro, Stefani, Fusco, Vazquez, Vecchi, Perugini, Fagioli, Daneri, Novaga, Solombrino, Santilli, Bruè

--- Seminars next week ---
Tue 2 February 2021
* Anyone interested to attend the seminar has to send an email to Andrea.pinamonti at unitn.it or to Andrea.marchese at unitn.it.
  Mattia Fogagnolo: The isoperimetric problem on manifolds with nonnegative Ricci curvature: geometric inequalities and asymptotic Gromov-Hausdorff analysis
  Zoom Seminar, 14:30

Wed 3 February 2021
* Enrico Pasqualetto (Scuola Normale Superiore): Indecomposable sets of finite perimeter in metric measure spaces
  Dipartimento di Matematica (online), 17:00

--- New Papers ---
* Cinti, Glaudo, Pratelli, Ros-Oton, Serra: Sharp quantitative stability for isoperimetric inequalities with homogeneous weights
* Campbell, Kauranen, Radici: Classification of Strict limits of planar BV homeomorphisms
* Goodrich, Scilla, Stroffolini: Partial Hölder continuity for minimizers of discontinuous quasiconvex integrals with VMO coefficients and general growth
* Colombo, Crippa, Marconi, Spinolo: Local limit of nonlocal traffic models: convergence results and total variation blow-up

--- Modified Papers ---
* Pozzetta: A varifold perspective on the $p$-elastic energy of planar sets
* Fusco, Pratelli: Sharp stability for the Riesz potential
* Comi, Stefani: A distributional approach to fractional Sobolev spaces and fractional variation: asymptotics I
* Bahouri, Barilari, Gallagher: Strichartz estimates and Fourier restriction theorems on the Heisenberg group
* Stuvard, Tonegawa: An existence theorem for Brakke flow with fixed boundary conditions
* Friedrich, Perugini, Solombrino: Lower semicontinuity  for functionals defined  on piecewise rigid functions and on $GSBD$
* Chambolle, Novaga: Anisotropic and crystalline mean curvature flow of mean-convex sets
* Fagioli, Radici: Opinion formation system via deterministic particle approximation
* Campbell, Pratelli, Radici: Comparison between non-crossing and non-crossing on lines properties
* Brasco, Gómez-Castro, Vazquez: Characterisation of homogeneous fractional Sobolev spaces
* Gidoni, Riva: A vanishing inertia analysis for finite dimensional rate-independent systems with nonautonomous dissipation and an application to soft crawlers
* Santilli: Distance functions with dense singular sets
* Bruè, Calzi, Comi, Stefani: A distributional approach to fractional Sobolev spaces and fractional variation: asymptotics II
* Daneri, Radici, Runa: Deterministic particle approximation of aggregation-diffusion equations on unbounded domains
* Maione, Salort, Vecchi: Maz'ya-Shaposhnikova formula in Magnetic Fractional Orlicz-Sobolev  spaces
* Maione: Variational convergences for functionals and differential operators depending on vector fields
* Goffi: Transport equations with nonlocal diffusion and applications to Hamilton-Jacobi equations

--- Open Positions ---
* 4 Postdoc and 12 PhD positions in the research group "Symplectic structures in geometry, algebra and dynamics" (deadline: Sun 31 January 2021)

* Postdoc in varie aree - Trento (deadline: Mon 1 February 2021)

* Research contract in Lisbon (deadline: Thu 11 February 2021)

* Recruitment of the Nanjing Center for Applied Mathematics(NCAM) Nanjing, China (deadline: Thu 11 February 2021)

* MathInParis2020 - Doctoral Training in Mathematical Sciences in Paris (deadline: Sat 13 February 2021)

* (NEW) 4 PhD positions in Vienna (deadline: Mon 22 February 2021)

* 2-years postdoc position in Analysis at TU Munich (deadline: Sun 28 February 2021)

* PhD student position at University of Groningen (deadline: Sun 28 February 2021)

* Postdoctoral position at WWU Münster (Germany) (deadline: Mon 15 March 2021)
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