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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Cesaroni, Klartag, Mérigot, Santambrogio, Braides, Piatnitski, Bellettini, Francini, Cordero-Erausquin, Kholmatov, Franzina, Novaga, Onoue, Vessella
* Modified papers by: Lahti, Buzano, Sciunzi, Mantegazza, Eriksson-Bique, Xepapadeas, Yannacopoulos, Shanmugalingam, Malchiodi, Santambrogio, Gill, Mayer, Castorina

--- New Papers ---
* Braides, Piatnitski: Homogenization of ferromagnetic energies on Poisson random sets  in the plane
* Cordero-Erausquin, Klartag, Mérigot, Santambrogio: One more proof of the Alexandrov–Fenchel inequality
* Francini, Franzina, Vessella: Existence and Regularity of Eddy Currents System with non-smooth conductivity
* Cesaroni, Novaga: Second-order  asymptotics  of the fractional perimeter as $s\to 1$
* Bellettini, Kholmatov, Novaga, Onoue: Minimizing movements for forced nonlocal mean curvature flow

--- Modified Papers ---
* Santambrogio, Xepapadeas, Yannacopoulos: Rational expectations equilibria in a Ramsey model of optimal growth with non-local spatial externalities
* Buzano, Mantegazza: Perelman's Entropy Functional at Type I Singularities of the Ricci Flow
* Eriksson-Bique, Gill, Lahti, Shanmugalingam: Asymptotic behavior of BV functions and sets of finite perimeter in metric measure spaces
* Castorina, Mantegazza, Sciunzi: A Liouville Theorem for Superlinear Heat Equations on Riemannian  Manifolds
* Malchiodi, Mayer: Prescribing Morse scalar curvatures: blow-up analysis

--- Open Positions ---
* PhD position / Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at the University of Münster (deadline: Fri 31 January 2020)

* 2 doctoral / postdoctoral positions (applied and numerical analysis),  TU Dresden (deadline: Fri 31 January 2020)

* University Assistant Position at Graz (deadline: Wed 5 February 2020)

* 18-month position Postdoc at University of Hradec Králové (deadline: Sun 16 February 2020)

* PhD researcher on control and reinforcement learning in stochastic processes (deadline: Fri 28 February 2020)

* PhD in Bilbao (deadline: Fri 28 February 2020)

* PhD in PDE analysis, TU Delft (deadline: Sat 29 February 2020)

* PhD student positions at Imperial College London (deadline: Fri 15 January 2021)
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