Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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Postdoc at University of Hradec Králové

created by campbell on 22 Jan 2020
modified on 05 Mar 2020

Deadline: 16 apr 2020

Department of Mathematics Faculty of Science, University of Hradec Králové offers a newly opened position for a Postdoc.

The position

Starting on 1st January 2020 the geometric function theory and function spaces research group of the University of Hradec Králové is opening a position for a post doctoral researcher. The length of the position is negotiable. The position does not require the candidate to teach. There are opportunites to conduct research in cooperation with the other group members Daniel Campbell, Tomáš Roskovec, Filip Soudský. Also the group is closely linked with colleagues at MFF in Prague, namely Stanislav Hencl, Jan Malý and Luboš Pick.

Applicants Applicants for the Postdoc should be either under the age of 35 or have obtained their PhD in the last 8 years. Applicants who are shortly before finishing their PhD are welcome to apply.

The focus areas We welcome all candidates with interest in calculus of variations, partial differential equations, geometric function theory, function spaces or modelling (or those closely related to the above).

Applications We invite your applications including your CV (and list of publications), a short research plan and two written recommendations to be sent to by 16th February 2020. All inquiries welcome at the same address.

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