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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Di Marino, Raita, Franzina, Brasco, Skorobogatova, Bulanyi, Antoine, Arroyo-Rabasa, Mazzoleni, Gerolin, De Philippis
* Modified papers by: Di Marino, Nenna, Iurlano, Mészáros, Cavalletti, Comi, Semola, Kwon, Chen, Nguyen, Babadjian, Stroffolini, Rindler, Scilla, Stra, Pass, Mondino, Torres, Stefani, Riva, Perugini, Solombrino, Bruè

--- Events next week ---
* Incontri di Analisi Matematica tra Firenze, Pisa e Siena
  Fri 22 November 2019 - Fri 22 November 2019
  aula magna, dipartimento di matematica, università di Pisa

* Recent trends in Geometric analysis and applications
  Mon 25 November 2019 - Thu 28 November 2019
  Pisa: Centro De Giorgi

* Winter School "Gradient Flows and Variational Methods in PDEs"
  Mon 25 November 2019 - Fri 29 November 2019
  University Ulm

* Two days on CalcVar&PDEs
  Thu 28 November 2019 - Fri 29 November 2019
  Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Bologna

--- New Papers ---
* Brasco, Mazzoleni: On principal frequencies, volume and inradius in convex sets
* Brasco, De Philippis, Franzina: Positive solutions to the sublinear Lane-Emden equation are isolated
* Arroyo-Rabasa, Skorobogatova: On the fine properties of elliptic operators
* Di Marino, Gerolin: An Optimal Transport approach for the Schrödinger bridge problem and
  convergence of Sinkhorn algorithm
* Raita, Skorobogatova: Continuity and canceling operators of order $n$ on $\mathbb{R}^n$
* Antoine, Bulanyi: Regularity for the planar optimal $p$-compliance problem

--- Modified Papers ---
* Scilla: Motion of discrete interfaces on the triangular lattice
* Bruè, Di Marino, Stra: Linear Lipschitz and $C^1$ extension operators through random projections
* Scilla, Solombrino: A variational approach to the quasistatic limit of viscous dynamic evolutions in finite dimension
* Bruè, Nguyen: Sharp regularity estimates for solutions of the continuity equation drifted by Sobolev vector fields
* Chen, Comi, Torres: Cauchy fluxes and Gauss-Green formulas for divergence-measure fields over general open sets
* Riva: A continuous dependence result for a dynamic debonding model in dimension one
* Nenna, Pass: Variational problems involving unequal dimensional optimal transport
* Babadjian, Iurlano, Rindler: Concentration versus oscillation effects in brittle damage
* Scilla, Stroffolini: Relaxation of nonlinear elastic energies related to Orlicz-Sobolev nematic elastomers
* Kwon, Mészáros: Degenerate nonlinear parabolic equations with discontinuous diffusion coefficients
* Cavalletti, Mondino, Semola: Quantitative Obata's Theorem
* Comi, Stefani: A distributional approach to fractional Sobolev spaces and fractional variation: asymptotics I
* Perugini: Rigidity of Steiner's inequality for the anisotropic perimeter

--- Open Positions ---
* Postdoc and PhD position in Vienna (deadline: Mon 25 November 2019)

* Post-doc position (assegno di ricerca) at University of Naples "Federico II"   (12 months) (deadline: Thu 28 November 2019)

* Assistant Professor or higher, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada (deadline: Sun 1 December 2019)

* Post-doc position (assegno di ricerca) at University of Trento (12 months) (deadline: Mon 2 December 2019)

* Postdoctoral Researcher at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology under Prof. Daniel Spector (deadline: Sun 15 December 2019)

* 4-year PhD student in Probability and Analysis in Eindhoven (deadline: Sun 15 December 2019)

* (NEW) Postdoc and PhD positions in Münster and Vienna (deadline: Sun 15 December 2019)

* (NEW) Two-year PostDoc position at TU Dortmund, Germany (deadline: Tue 31 December 2019)

* (NEW) Postdoctoral position in Analysis, University of Pittsburgh (deadline: Wed 1 January 2020)

* Two-year postdoctoral position in geometric analysis at University of Paris (deadline: Sat 18 January 2020)
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