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Fri Nov 8 12:00:03 CET 2019

Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Mazzeo, Di Donato
* New papers by: Pagliari, Russ, Gravina, Spolaor, Velichkov, De Philippis, Trey, Leoni, Rindler
* Modified papers by: Terracini, Buttazzo, Maestre, Engelstein, De Philippis, Trey, Caponi, Semola, Cavalletti, Vescovo, Colombo, Barilari, Boscain, Mondino, Sapio, Marchese, Velichkov, Mazzoleni, De Rosa, Riva, Hirsch, Spolaor, Agrachev, Tasso

--- Events next week ---
* Modeling of Crystalline Interfaces and Thin Film Structures: A Joint Mathematics-Physics Symposium
  Mon 11 November 2019 - Fri 15 November 2019
  Erwin Schrödinger International Institute (ESI), Vienna

--- Seminars next week ---
Fri 8 November 2019
* Rafe Mazzeo: The large-scale geometry of the Higgs bundle moduli space
  Scuola Normale Superiore, Aula Bianchi, 11:00

Tue 12 November 2019
* Daniela Di Donato (University of Trento): Uniform intrinsic differentiability and regular surfaces in Carnot groups
  Sala Seminari Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa, 16:00

--- New Papers ---
* Gravina, Leoni: On the behavior of the free boundary for a one-phase Bernoulli problem
  with mixed boundary conditions
* Pagliari: Asymptotic behaviour of rescaled nonlocal functionals and evolutions
* Russ, Trey, Velichkov: Existence and regularity of optimal shapes for elliptic operators with drift
* De Philippis, Rindler: Fine properties of functions of bounded deformation -- an approach via linear PDEs
* De Philippis, Spolaor, Velichkov: Regularity of the free boundary for the two-phase Bernoulli problem

--- Modified Papers ---
* Buttazzo, Maestre, Velichkov: Optimal potentials for problems with changing sign data
* Agrachev, Barilari, Boscain: A Comprehensive Introduction to Sub-Riemannian Geometry
* Engelstein, Spolaor, Velichkov: Uniqueness of the blow-up at isolated singularities for the Alt-Caffarelli functional
* Cavalletti, Mondino: New formulas for the Laplacian of distance functions and applications
* Mazzoleni, Terracini, Velichkov: Regularity of the free boundary for the vectorial Bernoulli problem
* Mondino, Semola: Polya-Szego inequality and Dirichlet $p$-spectral gap for non-smooth spaces with Ricci curvature bounded below
* Colombo, Spolaor, Velichkov: On the asymptotic behavior of the solutions to parabolic variational inequalities
* Spolaor, Trey, Velichkov: Free boundary regularity for a multiphase shape optimization problem
* De Philippis, Hirsch, Vescovo: Regularity of minimizers for a model of charged droplets
* Riva: A continuous dependence result for a dynamic debonding model in dimension one
* Colombo, De Rosa, Marchese: On the well-posedness of branched transportation
* Caponi, Sapio: A dynamic model for viscoelastic materials with prescribed growing  cracks
* Tasso: On the blow-up of GSBV functions under suitable geometric properties of the jump set

--- Open Positions ---
* Post-doc position (assegno di ricerca) at University of Naples "Federico II"   (12 months) (deadline: Thu 28 November 2019)

* Assistant Professor or higher, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Waterloo, Canada (deadline: Sun 1 December 2019)

* Postdoctoral Researcher at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology under Prof. Daniel Spector (deadline: Sun 15 December 2019)

* 4-year PhD student in Probability and Analysis in Eindhoven (deadline: Sun 15 December 2019)

* Two-year postdoctoral position in geometric analysis at University of Paris (deadline: Sat 18 January 2020)
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