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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Lopez-Soriano, Chanillo
* New papers by: Stuvard, King, Saracco, Miranda Jr, Buffa, Verdera, Dragoni, La Manna, Stromqvist, Camilli, Mora, Carrillo, Garofalo, Goffi, Salani, Scardia, Brasco, Julin, Bindini, Lindgren, De Rosa, Mateu, Rondi, Maggi, Lussardi, De Pascale
* Modified papers by: Percivale, Catino, Schioppa, Punzo, De Philippis, Mannucci, Cirant, Feleqi, Dragoni, Ghoussoub, Palmer, Monticelli, Tomarelli, Maddalena, Goffi, De Lellis, Marchi, Scilla, Franceschi, Marchese, Kontis, Zegarlinski, Hirsch, Filali, Montefalcone, Solombrino, Dweik, Dirr, von Renesse, Monti

--- Events next week ---
* GMT and PDEs in Basel – A young researchers meeting
  Mon 8 July 2019 - Wed 10 July 2019
  University of Basel, Switzerland

--- Seminars next week ---
Tue 9 July 2019
* Rafael Lopez-Soriano: A double mean field equation related to a curvature prescription problem
  Scuola Normale Superiore, Aula Mancini, 14:00

Thu 11 July 2019
* Sagun Chanillo: Borderline Sobolev inequalities and applications on Riemannian Symmetric spaces
  Scuola Normale Superiore, Aula Bianchi, 14:00

--- New Papers ---
* Saracco: A sufficient criterion to determine planar self-Cheeger sets
* Carrillo, Mateu, Mora, Rondi, Scardia, Verdera: The equilibrium measure for an anisotropic nonlocal energy
* Julin, La Manna: Short time existence of the classical solution to the fractional mean curvature flow
* De Rosa, Lussardi: On the anisotropic Kirchhoff-Plateau problem
* King, Maggi, Stuvard: Plateau's problem as a singular limit of capillarity problems
* Brasco, Lindgren, Stromqvist: Continuity of solutions to a nonlinear fractional diffusion equation
* Camilli, Goffi: Existence and regularity results for viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations with Caputo time-fractional derivative
* Dragoni, Garofalo, Salani: Starshapedeness for fully-nonlinear equations in Carnot groups
* Buffa, Miranda Jr: Rough traces of $BV$ functions in metric measure spaces
* Bindini, De Pascale: From wave-functions to single electron densities

--- Modified Papers ---
* Dirr, Dragoni, von Renesse: Evolution by mean curvature flow in sub-Riemannian geometries: a stochastic approach
* Dragoni, Kontis, Zegarlinski: Ergodicity of Markov Semigroups with Hoermander type generators in Infinite Dimensions
* Franceschi, Montefalcone, Monti: CMC spheres in the Heisenberg group
* Marchese, Schioppa: Lipschitz functions with prescribed blowups at many points
* Dirr, Dragoni, Mannucci, Marchi: Stochastic homogenization for functionals with anisotropic rescaling and  non-coercive Hamilton-Jacobi equations
* Dragoni, Feleqi: Ergodic Mean Field Games with Hoermander diffusions
* Catino, Monticelli, Punzo: The Poisson equation on manifolds with positive essential spectrum
* Scilla, Solombrino: A variational approach to the quasistatic limit of viscous dynamic evolutions in finite dimension
* Dragoni, Filali: Starshaped and convex sets in Carnot groups and in the geometries of vector fields.
* Cirant, Goffi: On the existence and uniqueness of solutions to time-dependent fractional MFG
* Maddalena, Percivale, Tomarelli: The Gap Between Linear Elasticity and the Variational Limit of Finite Elasticity in Pure Traction Problems
* Dweik, Ghoussoub, Palmer: Optimal controlled transports with free end times subject to import/export tariffs
* De Lellis, De Philippis, Hirsch: Nonclassical minimizing surfaces with smooth boundary

--- Open Positions ---
* PhD Position in Darmstadt (deadline: Tue 9 July 2019)

* PostDoc Position in Geometric Analysis at TU Darmstadt (deadline: Tue 9 July 2019)

* Rtd A and Rtd B in Mathematical Analysis at the University of Trento (deadline: Thu 11 July 2019)

* Open call for 9 PhD positions at Sapienza University of Rome (deadline: Thu 18 July 2019)

* Postdoc position in Pavia (deadline: Wed 24 July 2019)

* PhD Position at the University of Sussex (deadline: Wed 31 July 2019)
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