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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Di Fratta, Antonelli, Goldman, Mondino, Zappale, Kapovitch, Morandotti, Trevisan, Velichkov, Matias, Owen, Fiorenza, Solombrino, Bruè, Semola
* Modified papers by: Lussardi, Fried

--- New Papers ---
* Antonelli, Bruè, Semola: Volume bounds for the quantitative singular strata of non collapsed RCD metric measure spaces
* Morandotti, Solombrino: Mean-field analysis of multi-population dynamics with label switching
* Trevisan: Well-posedness of Diffusion Processes  in Metric Measure Spaces
* Matias, Morandotti, Owen, Zappale: Relaxation of non-local energies for structured deformations with applications to plasticity
* Kapovitch, Mondino: On the topology and the boundary of $N$-dimensional $RCD(K,N)$ spaces
* Di Fratta, Fiorenza: BMO-type seminorms from Escher-type tessellations
* Velichkov: Regularity of the one-phase free boundaries
* Goldman: A variational approach to regularity theory in optimal transportation

--- Modified Papers ---
* Fried, Lussardi: Monotonicity formulae for smooth extremizers of integral functionals

--- Open Positions ---
* Open call for 9 PhD positions at Sapienza University of Rome (deadline: Thu 18 July 2019)

* Postdoc position in Pavia (deadline: Wed 24 July 2019)

* PhD Position at the University of Sussex (deadline: Wed 31 July 2019)

* (NEW) ricercatori senior università di Siena (deadline: Thu 1 August 2019)
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