[CvGmt News] Seminario B. Pellacci (04/12/2018)

Riccardo Molle molle at axp.mat.uniroma2.it
Tue Nov 27 15:11:15 CET 2018

Dipartimento di Matematica
Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"

Martedi' 4 dicembre 2018, ore 14:30 Aula Dal Passo

  Benedetta Pellacci (Università della Campania ``Luigi Vanvitelli'')

Titolo:  Asymptotic spherical shapes in some spectral optimization problems

Sunto:  We study the positive principal eigenvalue of a weighted problem 
associated with the Neumann Laplacian. This analysis is related to the 
investigation of the survival threshold in population dynamics. When 
trying to minimize such eigenvalue with respect to the weight, one is 
lead to consider a shape optimization problem, which is known to admit 
spherical optimal shapes only in very specific cases. We investigate 
whether spherical shapes can be recovered in general situations, in some 
singular perturbation limit. We also consider a related problem, where 
the diffusion is triggered by a fractional $s$-Laplacian, and the 
optimization is performed with respect to the fractional order 
$s\in(0,1]$. These are joint works with Dario Mazzoleni and Gianmaria 

Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1
00133 Rome (Italy)

Phone: +39 06 72594668
Fax:   +39 06 72594699
Email: molle at mat.uniroma2.it

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