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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Caroccia
* New papers by: Cesaroni, Silva, Pluda, BARIK, Mantegazza, Chambolle, Graber, Dipierro, Valdinoci, De Filippis, Baldi, Haus, Santambrogio, Palatucci, Lavenant, Novaga, Mészáros, Tonon, Crismale
* Modified papers by: Lazzaroni, Mantegazza, Stefanelli, Sigalotti, Sciunzi, Fusco, Santambrogio, Rizzi, Jean, Gronchi, Verzini, Mazzoleni, Pellacci, Chitour, Prandi, Dweik, Novaga, Barilari, Castorina

--- Events next week ---
* Analysis, Control and Inverse Problems for PDEs
  Mon 26 November 2018 - Fri 30 November 2018
  Università di Napoli Federico II & Accademia Pontaniana, Napoli

--- Seminars next week ---
Wed 28 November 2018
* Marco Caroccia (Universidade de Lisboa): Perimeter with densities: an energy for epitaxial growth
  Sala Seminari (Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa), 17:00

--- New Papers ---
* Baldi, Haus, Mantegazza: Existence of a Lens–Shaped Cluster of Surfaces Self–Shrinking by Mean Curvature
* Graber, Mészáros, Silva, Tonon: The planning problem in Mean Field Games as regularized mass transport
* BARIK: Existence of mass-conserving weak solutions to the singular coagulation
  equation with multiple fragmentation
* Cesaroni, Dipierro, Novaga, Valdinoci: Heteroclinic connections and Dirichlet problems for a nonlocal functional of oscillation type
* De Filippis, Palatucci: Hölder regularity for nonlocal double phase equations
* Chambolle, Crismale: Existence of strong solutions to the Dirichlet problem for the Griffith
* Novaga, Pluda: Elastic networks, statics and dynamics
* Lavenant, Santambrogio: New estimates on the regularity of the pressure in density-constrained Mean Field Games

--- Modified Papers ---
* Dweik: Optimal transportation with boundary costs and summability estimates on the transport density
* Lazzaroni, Stefanelli: Chain-like ground states in three dimensions
* Barilari, Rizzi: Sub-Riemannian interpolation inequalities
* Dweik, Santambrogio: $L^p$ bounds for boundary-to-boundary transport densities, and $W^{1,p}$ bounds for the BV least gradient problem in 2D
* Barilari, Chitour, Jean, Prandi, Sigalotti: On the regularity of abnormal minimizers for rank 2 sub-Riemannian structures
* Fusco, Gronchi, Novaga: Existence of periodic orbits near heteroclinic connections
* Mazzoleni, Pellacci, Verzini: Asymptotic spherical shapes in some spectral optimization problems
* Castorina, Mantegazza, Sciunzi: A Liouville Theorem for Superlinear Heat Equations on Riemannian  Manifolds

--- Open Positions ---
* Several post doc positions in Mathematics at the University of Münster (deadline: Fri 30 November 2018)

* (NEW) Several PhD positions in Mathematics at the University of Münster (deadline: Fri 30 November 2018)

* Postdoc position (U. Zurich) with X. Ros-Oton (deadline: Sat 1 December 2018)

* (NEW) One year post-doctoral position in Geometry and Global Analysis - Nantes, France (deadline: Sat 1 December 2018)

* (NEW) One Phd-student and one Postdoc position at the University of Vienna (deadline: Mon 10 December 2018)

* Assistant Professor in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations at Durham University (deadline: Fri 14 December 2018)

* Willmore Fellow in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations at Durham University (deadline: Fri 14 December 2018)

* PhD Positions at UT Austin, starting Fall 2019 (deadline: Sat 15 December 2018)

* ERC Post Doc Position at Warwick with A. Mondino (deadline: Sun 16 December 2018)

* Two Post-doc and one Ph.D. in Mean Curvature Flow, London (deadline: Sun 16 December 2018)

* (NEW) Ricercatore a Tempo Indeterminato INdAM (deadline: Sun 16 December 2018)

* Assistant Professor position at KAUST (deadline: Thu 20 December 2018)

* (NEW) Tenure-Track Professorship for the field of Data Driven Partial Differential Equations (deadline: Mon 7 January 2019)

* SISSA Mathematical Fellowships (deadline: Tue 8 January 2019)

* (NEW) Assistant Professor/ Associate Professor/ Professor in Mathematics - Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (deadline: Wed 9 January 2019)

* PhD position in Calculus of Variations with J. Matias (deadline: Wed 6 February 2019)
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