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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by:  Wu, Mari
* New papers by: Di Donato, Sciunzi, Van Schaftingen, Spector, Chambolle, Mantegazza, Moll, Baldi, Haus, Muratov, Buffa, Novaga, Palatucci, Castorina, Caselles
* Modified papers by: Salort, Ambrosio, Goldman, Chambolle, Jerrard, Paolini, Zhong, Pagliardini, Dall'Acqua, Muratov, Korvenpaa, Riolo, Martelli, Lucia, Kuusi, Cesaroni, Pluda, Baroni, Luckhaus, Berarducci, Knüpfer, Bellettini, Orlandi, Valdinoci, Bertini, Scardia, Brasco, Kawohl, Ponsiglione, De Luca, Dal Maso, Dragoni, Mariani, Gordon, Tornese, Palatucci, Athavale, Di Castro, Tewodrose, Honda, Filali, Cagnetti, Majer, Okabe, Zeppieri, Masala, Mukherjee, Malchiodi, Novaga, Dirr, Caselles

--- Seminars next week ---
Wed 21 November 2018
* Ruijun  Wu: Dirac-harmonic maps and "supersymmetric" nonlinear sigma models
  Sala Seminari Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa, 16:00

* Luciano Mari: On the 1/H flow via p-Laplace approximation under Ricci lower bounds
  Sala Seminari Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa, 17:00

--- New Papers ---
* Spector, Van Schaftingen: Optimal embeddings into Lorentz spaces for some vector differential operators via Gagliardo's lemma
* Muratov, Novaga: Front propagation in infinite cylinders II. The sharp reaction zone limit
* Caselles, Chambolle, Moll, Novaga: A characterization of convex calibrable sets in $\mathbb R^N$ with respect to anisotropic norms
* Buffa: BV Functions in Metric Measure Spaces: Traces and Integration by Parts Formulæ
* Baldi, Haus, Mantegazza: Existence of a lens-shaped cluster of surfaces self-shrinking by mean curvature
* Castorina, Mantegazza, Sciunzi: A Liouville theorem for superlinear heat equations on Riemannian
* Di Donato: Intrinsic Differentiability and Intrinsic Regular Surfaces in Carnot
* Palatucci: The Dirichlet problem for the $p$-fractional Laplace equation

--- Modified Papers ---
* Bellettini, Masala, Novaga: A conjecture of De Giorgi on the squared distance function
* Caselles, Chambolle, Novaga: Some remarks on uniqueness and regularity of Cheeger sets
* Bellettini, Novaga, Paolini, Tornese: Convergence of discrete schemes for the Perona-Malik equation
* Bellettini, Novaga: Barriers for a Class of Geometric Evolutions Problems
* Caselles, Chambolle, Novaga: Uniqueness of the Cheeger set of a convex body
* Chambolle, Novaga: Convergence of an algorithm for anisotropic mean curvature motion
* Bellettini, Caselles, Chambolle, Novaga: Crystalline mean curvature flow of convex sets
* Muratov, Novaga: Front propagation in infinite cylinders I: a variational approach
* Bellettini, Novaga: Comparison Results between Minimal Barriers and Viscosity Solutions for Geometric Evolutions
* Goldman, Novaga: Volume-constrained minimizers for the prescribed curvature problem in  periodic media
* Bellettini, Novaga: Curvature Evolution of Nonconvex Lens-Shaped Domains
* Novaga, Valdinoci: Multibump solutions and asymptotic expansions for mesoscopic Allen-Cahn type equations
* Goldman, Novaga: Approximation and relaxation of perimeter in the Wiener space
* Bellettini, Caselles, Chambolle, Novaga: The volume preserving crystalline mean curvature flow of convex sets in $\mathbf R^N$
* Novaga, Valdinoci: The geometry of mesoscopic phase transition interfaces
* Cesaroni, Novaga, Valdinoci: Curvature flow in heterogeneous media
* Dirr, Lucia, Novaga: $\Gamma$-convergence of the Allen--Cahn  energy with an oscillating forcing term
* Novaga, Paolini: Nonuniqueness for crystalline curvature flow
* Bellettini, Novaga, Orlandi: Time-like lorentzian minimal submanifolds as singular limits of  nonlinear wave equations
* Bellettini, Novaga, Paolini: Convergence for long-times of a semidiscrete Perona-Malik equation in one dimension
* Bellettini, Bertini, Mariani, Novaga: $\Gamma$-entropy cost for scalar conservation laws
* Chambolle, Novaga: Implicit time discretization of the mean curvature flow with a discontinuous forcing term
* Caselles, Chambolle, Novaga: The discontinuity set of solutions of the TV denoising problem and some extensions
* Bellettini, Novaga, Paolini, Tornese: Classification of the equilibria for the semi-discrete Perona-Malik equation
* Novaga, Valdinoci: Bump solutions for the mesoscopic Allen-Cahn equation in periodic media
* Dirr, Luckhaus, Novaga: A stochastic selection principle in case of fattening for curvature flow
* Kawohl, Novaga: The $p$-Laplace eigenvalue problem as $p \to 1$ and Cheeger sets in a Finsler metric
* Dirr, Lucia, Novaga: Gradient theory of phase transitions with a rapidly oscillating forcing term
* Berarducci, Majer, Novaga: Infinite paths and cliques in random graphs
* Gordon, Muratov, Novaga: Multiplicity of supercritical fronts for reaction-diffusion equations in cylinders
* Caselles, Chambolle, Novaga: Total variation in imaging
* Novaga, Okabe: Convergence to equilibrium of gradient flows defined on planar curves
* Bellettini, Novaga, Orlandi: Eventual regularity for the parabolic minimal surface equation
* Knüpfer, Muratov, Novaga: Low density phases in a uniformly charged liquid
* Athavale, Jerrard, Novaga, Orlandi: Weighted TV minimization and applications to vortex density models
* Martelli, Novaga, Pluda, Riolo: Spines of minimal length
* Cesaroni, Novaga: Volume constrained minimizers of the fractional perimeter with a
  potential energy
* Korvenpaa, Kuusi, Palatucci: Fractional superharmonic functions and the Perron method for nonlinear integro-differential equations
* Baroni, Di Castro, Palatucci: Intrinsic geometry and De Giorgi classes for certain anisotropic problems
* Tewodrose: Weighted Sobolev inequalities in CD(0,N) spaces
* Ambrosio, Honda, Tewodrose: Short-time behavior of the heat kernel and Weyl's law on $RCD^*(K,N)$ spaces
* Cagnetti, Dal Maso, Scardia, Zeppieri: $\Gamma$-convergence of free-discontinuity problems
* Cesaroni, Novaga: The isoperimetric problem for nonlocal perimeters
* Dall'Acqua, Novaga, Pluda: Minimal elastic networks
* Malchiodi, Novaga, Pagliardini: On critical points of the relative fractional perimeter
* Brasco, Salort: A note on homogeneous Sobolev spaces of fractional order
* De Luca, Novaga, Ponsiglione: $\Gamma$-convergence of the Heitmann-Radin sticky disc energy to the crystalline perimeter
* Mukherjee, Zhong: $C^{1,α}$-Regularity for variational problems in the Heisenberg
* Dragoni, Filali: Starshaped and convex sets in Carnot groups and in the geometries of vector fields.
* Knüpfer, Muratov, Novaga: Emergence of non-trivial minimizers for the three-dimensional
  Ohta-Kawasaki energy

--- Open Positions ---
* Two postdoctoral positions  at Charles University, Prague (deadline: Fri 16 November 2018)

* Geometric analysis and partial differential equations in singular and non-Euclidean settings (deadline: Fri 16 November 2018)

* Postdoctoral position on ERC project in PDEs and Calculus of Variations (deadline: Sun 18 November 2018)

* (NEW) Several post doc positions in Mathematics at the University of Münster (deadline: Fri 30 November 2018)

* Postdoc position (U. Zurich) with X. Ros-Oton (deadline: Sat 1 December 2018)

* (NEW) One year post-doctoral position in Geometry and Global Analysis - Nantes, France (deadline: Sat 1 December 2018)

* Assistant Professor in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations at Durham University (deadline: Fri 14 December 2018)

* Willmore Fellow in Analysis of Partial Differential Equations at Durham University (deadline: Fri 14 December 2018)

* PhD Positions at UT Austin, starting Fall 2019 (deadline: Sat 15 December 2018)

* ERC Post Doc Position at Warwick with A. Mondino (deadline: Sun 16 December 2018)

* (NEW) Two Post-doc and one Ph.D. in Mean Curvature Flow, London (deadline: Sun 16 December 2018)

* (NEW) Assistant Professor position at KAUST (deadline: Thu 20 December 2018)

* (NEW) SISSA Mathematical Fellowships (deadline: Tue 8 January 2019)

* (NEW) PhD position in Calculus of Variations with J. Matias (deadline: Wed 6 February 2019)
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