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Fri Mar 24 12:00:01 CET 2017

Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: De Rosa
* New papers by: Zeppieri, Gigli, Mateu, Mingione, Ponce, Spector, Bucur, Cagnetti, Dal Maso, Mora, Ros-Oton, Velichkov, Carrillo, Jerison, Fragalà, Krummel, Verzini, Verdera, Rondi, Figalli, Scardia
* Modified papers by: Ambrosio, Stuvard, Mantegazza, Baldi, Haus, Alicandro, Buckmaster, Jhaveri, Friedrich, Scheven, Figalli, Palombaro, Savaré, Mondino, Marchese, Velichkov, De Lellis, Lazzaroni, Ottolini, Colombo, Vicol, Ciraolo, Spolaor, Székelyhidi, Maggi, Alberti, Solombrino, Schmidt

--- Seminars next week ---
Wed 29 March 2017
* Antonio De Rosa (University of Zurich): Anisotropic energies in Geometric Measure Theory.
  Sala Seminari (Dipartimento di Matematica di Pisa), 17:00

--- New Papers ---
* Bucur, Fragalà, Velichkov, Verzini: On the honeycomb conjecture for a class of minimal convex partitions
* Ponce, Spector: A Boxing Inequality for the Fractional Perimeter
* Cagnetti, Dal Maso, Scardia, Zeppieri: $\Gamma$-convergence of free-discontinuity problems
* Carrillo, Mateu, Mora, Rondi, Scardia, Verdera: The ellipse law: Kirchhoff meets dislocations
* Gigli: Lecture notes on differential calculus on RCD spaces
* Mingione: Short Tales from Nonlinear Calderón-Zygmund Theory
* Figalli, Krummel, Ros-Oton: On the regularity of the free boundary in the p-Laplacian obstacle problem
* Figalli, Jerison: Quantitative stability for the Brunn-Minkowski inequality

--- Modified Papers ---
* Ambrosio, Mondino, Savaré: Nonlinear diffusion equations and curvature conditions in metric measure spaces
* Colombo, Figalli, Jhaveri: Lipschitz changes of variables between perturbations of log-concave measures
* Ciraolo, Figalli, Maggi: A quantitative analysis of metrics on $\mathbb R^n$ with almost constant positive scalar curvature, with applications to fast diffusion flows
* Friedrich, Solombrino: Quasistatic crack growth in 2d-linearized elasticity
* Marchese, Stuvard: On the structure of flat chains modulo $p$
* Baldi, Haus, Mantegazza: Networks Self-Similarly Moving by Curvature with Two Triple Junctions
* Alicandro, Lazzaroni, Palombaro: On the effect of interactions beyond nearest neighbours on non-convex lattice systems
* Scheven, Schmidt: On the dual formulation of obstacle problems for the total variation and the area functional
* Spolaor, Velichkov: An epiperimetric inequality for the regularity of some free boundary problems: the $2$-dimensional case
* Alberti, Ottolini: On the structure of continua with finite length and Golab's semicontinuity theorem
* Buckmaster, De Lellis, Székelyhidi, Vicol: Onsager's conjecture for admissible weak solutions

--- Open Positions ---
* Analysis of diffuse interface mathematical models in Biology and Engineering (deadline: Fri 24 March 2017)

* Postdoc in calculus of variations (deadline: Mon 27 March 2017)

* Un posto per professore di prima fascia - settore concorsuale 01/A3, presso l'Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II"  (deadline: Mon 27 March 2017)

* Due posizioni RTDB  presso l'Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" (deadline: Thu 30 March 2017)

* 10 PhD positions in Italy for students from abroad (deadline: Fri 31 March 2017)

* 11 Postdocs in Analysis and Numerics of PDEs and 1 Scientific Manager, Vienna (deadline: Fri 31 March 2017)

* Postdoc position (Akademischer Mitarbeiter) at Universität Konstanz (deadline: Fri 31 March 2017)

* Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Analysis and Probability (deadline: Sat 1 April 2017)

* 8-9 Postdoc Positions in Jyväskylä (deadline: Sun 9 April 2017)

* Visiting Assistant Professor (deadline: Fri 14 April 2017)

* W1-professorship in mathematical optimization (deadline: Sat 15 April 2017)

* Tenure Track Analisi e PDE Università di Bergen, Norvegia (deadline: Sun 30 April 2017)

* 2 Postdoc Positions at TUM (deadline: Sun 30 April 2017)

* Postdoc in the project "Shape Optimization in High Dimension", Lisbon (deadline: Mon 1 May 2017)

* Queen’s University, Canada: Tenure-track in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics (deadline: Sat 1 July 2017)
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