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Weekly bulletin for http://cvgmt.sns.it

--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Migliorini, Picenni, Rovellini, Hirsch, Stuvard, Ghisi, Saracco, Gobbino, Spolaor, Gigli, Velichkov, Valtorta, De Philippis, Davoli, Colombo, Piovano, Leonardi, Antonucci
* Modified papers by: Giacomelli, Rossi, Stuvard, Bongini, Saracco, Marchese, Moll, Bindini, De Pascale, Fornasier, Solombrino, De Rosa, Colombo, Petitta, Louet, Leonardi

--- Events next week ---
* Mathematics in the Modern World
  Mon 14 August 2017 - Sat 19 August 2017
  Novosibirsk, Russia

--- New Papers ---
* Leonardi, Saracco: Rigidity and trace properties of divergence-measure vector fields
* Antonucci, Gobbino, Migliorini, Picenni: Optimal constants for a non-local approximation of Sobolev norms and
  total variation
* Ghisi, Gobbino, Rovellini: Symmetry-breaking in a generalized Wirtinger inequality
* Colombo, Spolaor, Velichkov: A logarithmic epiperimetric inequality for the obstacle problem
* De Philippis, Gigli: Non-collapsed spaces with Ricci curvature bounded from below
* Hirsch, Stuvard, Valtorta: Rectifiability of the singular set of multiple valued energy minimizing  harmonic maps
* Davoli, Piovano: Analytical validation of the Young-Dupré law for epitaxially-strained thin films

--- Modified Papers ---
* Bongini, Fornasier, Rossi, Solombrino: Mean-field Pontryagin Maximum Principle
* Leonardi, Saracco: On the prescribed mean curvature equation in weakly regular domains
* Giacomelli, Moll, Petitta: Optimal waiting time bounds for flux-saturated diffusion equations
* Marchese, Stuvard: On the structure of flat chains modulo $p$
* Saracco: Weighted Cheeger sets are domains of isoperimetry
* Stuvard: Multiple valued Jacobi fields
* Bindini, De Pascale: Optimal transport with Coulomb cost and the Semiclassical Limit of Density Functional Theory
* Colombo, De Rosa, Marchese, Stuvard: On the lower semicontinuous envelope of functionals defined on
  polyhedral chains
* De Pascale, Louet: A study of the dual problem of the one-dimensional $L^\infty$-optimal transport problem with applications
* Stuvard: Multiple valued sections of vector bundles: the reparametrization
  theorem for $Q$-valued functions revisited

--- Open Positions ---
* PostDoc position in Pavia: "Variational evolution problems and optimal transport" (deadline: Fri 25 August 2017)

* Postdoc position in Augsburg (Germany) (deadline: Fri 25 August 2017)
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