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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Metafune, Squassina, Ardila, Buttazzo, Kang, Chambolle, Marconi, Crismale, Guidetti, Beccaria, Morales, Figalli, Güneysu, Pallara, Bartels
* Modified papers by: Lunardi, Lorenzi, Ambrosio, Arendt, Miranda Jr, Paronetto, Metafune, Priola, Cirant, Cesaroni, Scheven, Angiuli, Guidetti, Güneysu, Pallara, Schmidt

--- New Papers ---
* Chambolle, Crismale: A density result in $GSBD^p$ with applications to the approximation of  brittle fracture energies
* Ardila, Squassina: Gausson dynamics for logarithmic Schrodinger equations
* Bartels, Buttazzo: Numerical  solution of a nonlinear eigenvalue problem arising in optimal  insulation
* Marconi: Regularity estimates for scalar conservation laws in one space dimension
* Guidetti, Güneysu, Pallara: On some generalisations of Meyers-Serrin Theorem
* Beccaria, Metafune, Pallara: The ground state of long-range  Schroedinger equations and static $q\overline{q}$ potential
* Figalli, Kang, Morales: Global well-posedness of the spatially homogeneous Kolmogorov-Vicsek model as a gradient flow

--- Modified Papers ---
* Güneysu, Pallara: Functions with bounded variation on a class of Riemannian manifolds with Ricci curvature unbounded from below
* Lunardi, Miranda Jr, Pallara: BV functions on convex domains in Wiener spaces
* Angiuli, Pallara, Paronetto: Analytic semigroups generated in $L^1(Ω)$ by second order elliptic operators via duality methods
* Arendt, Metafune, Pallara: Schroedinger Operators with Unbounded Drift
* Metafune, Pallara: Discreteness of the spectrum for a class of differential operators with unbounded coefficients in ${\mathbb R}^n$
* Metafune, Pallara: On the location of the essential spectrum of Schroedinger operators
* Guidetti, Güneysu, Pallara: $L^1$-elliptic regularity and $H=W$ on the whole $L^p$-scale on arbitrary manifolds
* Metafune, Pallara, Priola: Spectrum of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators in $L^p$ spaces with respect to invariant measures
* Ambrosio, Miranda Jr, Pallara: Some fine properties of $BV$ functions on Wiener spaces
* Angiuli, Lorenzi, Pallara: $L^p$-estimates for parabolic systems with unbounded coefficients coupled at zero and first order
* Scheven, Schmidt: On the dual formulation of obstacle problems for the total variation and the area functional
* Cesaroni, Cirant: Concentration of ground states in stationary Mean-Field Games systems

--- Open Positions ---
* PostDoc position in Pavia: "Variational evolution problems and optimal transport" (deadline: Fri 25 August 2017)

* Postdoc position in Augsburg (Germany) (deadline: Fri 25 August 2017)

* (NEW) Associate Professorship (W2-Position) for Applied Mathematics - University of Münster, Germany (deadline: Sat 30 September 2017)
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