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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Mantegazza, Santambrogio, Bardi, Recupero, Castorina, Crasta, Costea, De Cicco, Cirant, Fischer
* Modified papers by: Lazzaroni, Sire, Miranda, La Manna, Ferrari, Neel, Lussardi, Vitali, Pinamonti, Pallara, Nardini, Barilari, Boscain

--- New Papers ---
* Costea: Sobolev-Lorentz capacity and its regularity in the Euclidean setting
* Recupero, Santambrogio: Sweeping processes with prescribed behaviour on jumps
* Bardi, Fischer: On non-uniqueness and uniqueness of solutions in finite-horizon Mean Field Games
* Bardi, Cirant: Uniqueness of solutions in Mean Field Games with several populations and Neumann conditions
* Castorina, Mantegazza: Ancient solutions of superlinear heat equations on Riemannian manifolds
* Crasta, De Cicco: Anzellotti's pairing theory and the Gauss-Green theorem

--- Modified Papers ---
* Lussardi, Vitali: Non-local approximation of free-discontinuity problems with linear growth
* Lussardi, Vitali: Non-local approximation of free-discontinuity functionals with linear growth: the one-dimensional case
* Barilari, Boscain, Neel: Heat kernel asymptotics on sub-Riemannian manifolds with symmetries and applications to the bi-Heisenberg group
* Lazzaroni, Nardini: On the quasistatic limit of dynamic evolutions for a peeling test in dimension one
* La Manna: Local minimality of the ball for the Gaussian perimeter
* Ferrari, Miranda, Pallara, Pinamonti, Sire: Fractional Laplacians, perimeters and heat semigroups in Carnot groups

--- Open Positions ---
* Lecturer/Senior Lecturer or Reader in Mathematics at the University of Sussex (deadline: Thu 10 August 2017)

* PostDoc position in Pavia: "Variational evolution problems and optimal transport" (deadline: Fri 25 August 2017)

* Postdoc position in Augsburg (Germany) (deadline: Fri 25 August 2017)
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