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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Di Marino, Scardia, Peletier, Mora* Modified papers by: Di Marino, Buckmaster, Ambrosio, Santambrogio, Isett, Pegon, Piazzoli, Székelyhidi, De Pascale, De Lellis, Colombo--- New Papers ---
* Mora, Peletier, Scardia: Convergence of interaction-driven evolutions of dislocations with Wasserstein dissipation and slip-plane confinement
* Di Marino: Sobolev and $BV$ spaces on metric measure spaces via derivations and integration by parts
--- Modified Papers ---
* Ambrosio, Di Marino: Equivalent definitions of $BV$ space and of total variation on metric measure spaces
* Colombo, De Pascale, Di Marino: Multimarginal Optimal Transpor Maps for 1-Dimensional Repulsive Costs
* Pegon, Piazzoli, Santambrogio: Full characterization of optimal transport plans for concave costs
* Buckmaster, De Lellis, Isett, Székelyhidi: Anomalous dissipation for $1/5$-Hölder Euler flows
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