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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Bourne, Magnani, Brancolini, Julin, Barchiesi, Roper* Modified papers by: Pisante, Goldman, Ansini, Donadello, Alicandro, Spadaro, Westdickenberg, Cavalletti, Sedjro, Peletier, Bella, Roper, Crippa, De Lellis, Bouchut, Zwicknagl, Negri, Mazzucato, Lisini, Capriani, Fusco, Ghiraldin, Bourne, Theil, Peletier, Mainini, Alberti, Spinolo, Carrillo, Maggi, Barchiesi--- New Papers ---
* Barchiesi, Brancolini, Julin: Sharp dimension free quantitative estimates for the Gaussian isoperimetric inequality
* Bourne, Roper: Centroidal power diagrams, Lloyd's algorithm and applications to optimal location problems
* Magnani: Lipschitz estimates for convex functions with respect to vector fields
* Magnani: A new differentiation, shape of the unit ball and perimeter measure
--- Modified Papers ---
* Bouchut, Crippa: Lagrangian flows for vector fields with  gradient given by a singular integral
* Alicandro, Ansini: A variational model of interaction between continuum and discrete systems
* Carrillo, Lisini, Mainini: Uniqueness for Keller-Segel-type chemotaxis models
* Bourne, Peletier, Theil: Optimality of the triangular lattice for a particle system with Wasserstein interaction
* Crippa, Donadello, Spinolo: Initial-boundary value problems for continuity equations with $BV$ coefficients
* Barchiesi, Capriani, Fusco, Pisante: Stability of Polya-Szego inequality for log-concave functions
* Negri: Quasi-static rate-independent evolutions: characterization, existence, approximation and application to fracture mechanics
* Bourne, Peletier, Roper: Hexagonal patterns in a simplified model for block copolymers
* De Lellis, Spadaro: Regularity of area-minimizing currents I: $L^p$ gradient estimates
* Cavalletti, Sedjro, Westdickenberg: A Simple Proof of Global Existence for the 1D Pressureless Gas Dynamics Equations
* Bella, Goldman, Zwicknagl: Study of island formation in epitaxially strained films on unbounded domains
* Alberti, Crippa, Mazzucato: Exponential self-similar mixing and loss of regularity for continuity equations
* De Lellis, Ghiraldin, Maggi: A direct approach to Plateau's problem
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