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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Bousquet, Savaré, Rossi, Chambolle, Ponsiglione, Lussardi, Julin, Isett, Marchese, Sz\'ekelyhidi, Buckmaster, Ignat, Focardi, Spadaro, Eleuteri, De Lellis, Mielke, Brasco, Morini* Modified papers by: Di Marino, Savaré, Buttazzo, Ambrosio, Goldman, Brasco, Royo-Letelier, Sz\'ekelyhidi, Maggi, De Lellis, Ghiraldin--- New Papers ---
* Eleuteri, Lussardi: Thermal control of a rate-independent model for permanent inelastic effects in shape memory materials
* De Lellis, Ignat: A regularizing property of the 2d-eikonal equation
* Buckmaster, De Lellis, Isett, Sz\'ekelyhidi: Anomalous dissipation for $1/5$-Hoelder Euler flows
* Mielke, Rossi, Savaré: Balanced-Viscosity solutions for multi-rate systems
* Focardi, Marchese, Spadaro: Improved estimate of the singular set of Dir-minimizing Q-valued functions
* Chambolle, Morini, Ponsiglione: Nonlocal curvature flows
* Bousquet, Brasco, Julin: Lipschitz regularity for local minimizers of some widely degenerate problems
--- Modified Papers ---
* De Lellis, Sz\'ekelyhidi: Dissipative continuous Euler flows
* Ambrosio, Di Marino, Savaré: On the duality between $p$-modulus and probability measures
* Goldman, Royo-Letelier: Sharp interface limit for two components Bose-Einstein condensates
* Brasco, Buttazzo: Improved energy bounds for Schrödinger operators
* De Lellis, Ghiraldin, Maggi: A direct approach to Plateau's problem
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