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--- Summary ---
* Seminars by: Malchiodi, Novaga
* New papers by: Ribeiro, Ambrosio, Zappale, Pinamonti, Speight, Maggi, Carita, De Philippis* Modified papers by: Buttazzo, Goldman, Brasco, Royo-Letelier, Ruffini, Maggi, Millot, Beck, De Philippis, Novaga, Fusco, Figalli, Louet, Schmidt, Morini
--- Seminars next week ---
* Friday 18 jul 2014

time: 10:00
Scuola Normale Superiore, Aula Bianchi
A variational approach to Liouville equations
Andrea Malchiodi ((SISSA-Trieste)
Abstract. We consider Liouville equations with variational structure arising from curvature
prescription problems and from models in Electroweak or Chern-Simons theory.
We show how improved versions of the Moser-Trudinger inequality may reduce
these PDEs to the study of finite-dimensional topological spaces. We then derive
existence of solutions via min-max or Morse theory. 

time: 11:30
Scuola Normale Superiore, Aula Bianchi
Geometric evolutions with obstacles
Matteo Novaga (Dip. Mat. Univ. Pisa)
Abstract. I will discuss existence and regularity results for geometric evolutions in the presence of obstacles. More precisely, I will present some recent results for the mean curvature flow, and some open problems for the Willmore flow. 

--- New Papers ---
* Ambrosio, Pinamonti, Speight: Tensorization of Cheeger energies, the space $H^{1,1}$ and the area formula for graphs
* Ribeiro, Zappale: Existence of minimizers for non-level convex supremal functionals
* Carita, Zappale: Relaxation for an optimal design problem with linear growth and  perimeter penalization
* De Philippis, Maggi: Dimensional estimates for singular sets in geometric variational problems with free boundaries
--- Modified Papers ---
* De Philippis, Figalli: Partial regularity for optimal transport maps
* Beck, Schmidt: Convex duality and uniqueness for $\rm BV$ minimizers
* Goldman, Novaga, Ruffini: Existence and stability for a non-local isoperimetric model of charged liquid drops
* Goldman, Royo-Letelier: Sharp interface limit for two components Bose-Einstein condensates
* Brasco, Buttazzo: Improved energy bounds for Schrödinger operators
* Figalli, Fusco, Maggi, Millot, Morini: Isoperimetry and stability properties of balls with respect to nonlocal energies
* Figalli: Stability results for the Brunn-Minkowski inequality
* Louet: Optimal transport problems with gradient penalization
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