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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Ambrosio, Brezis, Alberti, Solci, Le Donne, Braides, Rifford, Mora, Bourgain, Contreras, Mazzucato, Granieri, Crippa, Davoli, De Cicco, Figalli, Louet, Rigot* Modified papers by: Lazzaroni, Vitali, Lussardi, Roger, Braides, Peletier, Davoli, Palombaro, Defranceschi, Schlömerkemper--- New Papers ---
* Braides, Solci: Asymptotic analysis of Lennard-Jones systems beyond the nearest-neighbour setting: a one-dimensional prototypical case
* Le Donne, Rigot: Besicovitch Covering Property for homogeneous distances in the Heisenberg groups
* De Cicco: Lower semicontinuity for nonautonomous surface integrals
* Contreras, Figalli, Rifford: Generic hyperbolicity of Aubry sets on surfaces
* Ambrosio, Bourgain, Brezis, Figalli: $BMO$-type norms related to the perimeter of sets
* Alberti, Crippa, Mazzucato: Exponential self-similar mixing and loss of regularity for continuity equations
* Figalli: Stability results for the Brunn-Minkowski inequality
* Granieri: Inverse function theorems and Jacobians over metric spaces
* Davoli, Mora: Stress regularity for a new quasistatic evolution model of perfectly plastic plates
* Louet: Optimal transport problems with gradient penalization
--- Modified Papers ---
* Davoli: Linearized plastic plate models as $\Gamma$-limits of 3D finite elastoplasticity
* Davoli: Quasistatic evolution models for thin plates arising as low energy $\Gamma$-limits of finite plasticity
* Braides, Defranceschi, Vitali: Variational evolution of one-dimensional Lennard-Jones systems
* Lazzaroni, Palombaro, Schlömerkemper: A discrete to continuum analysis of dislocations in nanowire heterostructures
* Braides: An example of non-existence of plane-like minimizers for an almost-periodic Ising system
* Lussardi, Peletier, Roger: Variational analysis of a mesoscale model for bilayer membranes
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