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--- Summary ---
* New papers by: Laidoune, Sire, Nitsch, Brasco, Rhandi, Metafune, Priola, Novaga, Arendt, Pallara, Trombetti* Modified papers by: Vitali, Le Donne, Bonacini, Braides, Indrei, Maggi, Cristoferi, De Philippis, Colombo, Defranceschi, Rigot--- New Papers ---
* Novaga, Pallara, Sire: A fractional isoperimetric problem in the Wiener space
* Arendt, Metafune, Pallara: Gaussian estimates for elliptic operators with unbounded drift
* Laidoune, Metafune, Pallara, Rhandi: Global properties of transition kernels associated with second order elliptic operators
* Metafune, Pallara, Priola: Spectrum of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators in L^p spaces with respect to invariant measures
* Metafune, Pallara, Rhandi: Global Properties of Invariant Measures
* Metafune, Pallara, Rhandi: Kernel Estimates for Schroedinger Operators
* Metafune, Pallara, Rhandi: Global Properties of Transition Probabilities of Singular Diffusions
* Brasco, Nitsch, Trombetti: An inequality à la Szego-Weinberger for the $p-$Laplacian on convex sets
--- Modified Papers ---
* Bonacini, Cristoferi: Local and global minimality results for a nonlocal isoperimetric problem on ${\mathbb R}^N$
* Braides, Defranceschi, Vitali: Variational evolution of one-dimensional Lennard-Jones systems
* Colombo, Indrei: Obstructions to regularity in the classical Monge problem
* Le Donne, Rigot: Besicovitch Covering Property for homogeneous distances in the Heisenberg groups
* De Philippis, Maggi: Dimensional estimates for singular sets in geometric variational problems with free boundaries
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