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Daniele Castorina castorin at mat.uniroma2.it
Wed Sep 11 18:52:05 CEST 2013

Cari colleghi,

ricomincia la stagione dei seminari di ED a Roma 2 con il seguente 
doppio appuntamento di Martedi e Giovedi:

    Martedi' 24 Settembre 2013, h 14:30, Aula D' Antoni

    Diogo Oliveira e Silva (Universita' di Bonn-Hausdorff Center for

    "On extremizers for Fourier restriction inequalities."

    This talk will focus on extremizers for a family of Fourier
    restriction inequalities on planar curves. It turns out that,
    depending on whether or not a certain geometric condition related to
    the curvature is satisfied, extremizing sequences of nonnegative
    functions may or may not have a subsequence which converges to an
    extremizer. We hope to describe the method of proof, which is of
    concentration compactness flavor, in some detail. Tools include
    bilinear estimates, a variational calculation, a modification of the
    usual method of stationary phase and several explicit computations.

    Giovedi' 26 Settembre 2013, h 14:30, Aula D' Antoni

    Stefan Steinerberger (Universita' di Bonn-Hausdorff Center for

    "Heat flow methods for Laplacian eigenfunctions."

    We describe a heat flow approach to study Laplacian eigenfunctions
    on smooth, compact manifolds. This allows us to recover the
    currently optimal lower bound on the size of the nodal set
    (originally due to Colding & Minicozzi as well as Sogge & Zelditch)
    and various geometric statements about nodal sets. We also
    conjecture some isoperimetric statements about heat flows in
    Euclidean space.

Daniele Castorina
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email: castorin at mat.uniroma2.it
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