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Sat Dec 6 00:17:01 CET 2003

New papers were added to the CvGmt Preprint Server - http://cvgmt.sns.it/

Title: Homogenization of some variational inequalities for elasto-plastic problems
Author: Chiado' Piat, Valeria 
Author: Sandrakov, Gennadyi

Title: Some inverse problems related to heat equation with memory in non smooth spatial domains
Author: Colombo, Fabrizio

Title: Integrodifferential identification problems for the heat equation in cylindrical domains
Author: Colombo, Fabrizio
Author: Guidetti, Davide
Author: Lorenzi, Alfredo

Title: On application of maximal regularity to inverse problems for integrodifferential equations of parabolic type
Author: Colombo, Fabrizo
Author: Guidetti, Davide
Author: Lorenzi, Alfredo

Title: An introduction to computational algebraic analysis
Author: Colombo, Fabrizio
Author: Sabadini, Irene
Author: Struppa, Daniele 

Title: A semilinear integrodifferential inverse problem
Author: Colombo, Fabrizio
Author: Vespri, Vincenzo

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