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ROME, JANUARY 26-28, 2004

SPONSORS: The school is co-sponsored by the GNAMPA-INdAM Project
"Homogenization techniques and asymptotic methods for multiple-scale
problems" (co-ordinator: V. Chiado' Piat) and by COFIN 2002 through the
National Project "Calcolo delle Variazioni" (Rome Local Unit co-ordinated
by A.Braides).

Lecturers and Courses:
G. BELLETTINI (University of Roma `Tor Vergata'): Anisotropic and
cristalline geometric motions.
S. SERFATY (Courant Institute, New York): Gamma-convergence of gradient
flows and
Ginzburg-Landau vortex dynamics

Venue, Dipartimento di Matematica, Università di Roma `Tor Vergata', room
to be announced

Timetable to be announced

Audience The School is mainly thought for Ph D students or researchers in
the area of (applied) Analysis, but no particular background is required.

Further information Contact V. Chiadò Piat (valeria.chiadopiat at polito.it)
or A. Braides (braides at mat.uniroma2.it, ).  See also

Registration There is no registration fee but interested people are
requested to register by filling the form below and sending it before
december 20, 2003, by e-mail to:  valeria.chiadopiat at polito.it .
Support Limited funds are available to support accomodation expences, only
in double room (see registration form below).

R E G I S T R A T I O N    F O R M
Name and Surname ____________________________________________
Institution ____________________________________________________
e-mail address_________________________________________________
Period of stay _________________________________________________
Accomodation in guest-house(Y/N) ________________________________
I want to share the room with______________________________________

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