Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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C. De Lellis

Notes on hyperbolic systems of conservation laws and transport equations

created by delellis on 27 Feb 2006
modified on 03 May 2011


Published Paper

Inserted: 27 feb 2006
Last Updated: 3 may 2011

Journal: Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Differential Equations
Volume: III
Pages: 277-383
Year: 2006


The aim of these notes is to give an account of some recent results about transport equations with variable $BV$ coefficients, and their applications to a class of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws in several space dimensions. Besides collecting results which are scattered in the literature, it has been my intention to give a self--contained and more readable reference, and to provide details, remarks, and connections barely mentioned in the original papers.

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Keywords: BV functions, Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws, Transport equations

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