Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

N. Eldredge - M. Gordina - E. Le Donne - S. Li

Notions of null sets in infinite-dimensional Carnot groups

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Year: 2023

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We study several notions of null sets on infinite-dimensional Carnot groups. We prove that a set is Aronszajn null if and only if it is null with respect to measures that are convolutions of absolutely continuous (CAC) measures on Carnot subgroups. The CAC measures are the non-abelian analogue of cube measures. In the case of infinite-dimensional Heisenberg-like groups we also show that being null in the previous senses is equivalent to being null for all heat kernel measures. Additionally, we show that infinite-dimensional Carnot groups that have locally compact commutator subgroups have the structure of Banach manifolds. There are a number of open questions included as well.

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