Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

M. Ruf - M. Schäffner

New homogenization results for convex integral functionals and their Euler-Lagrange equations

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Inserted: 28 mar 2023

Year: 2023

ArXiv: 2303.15337 PDF


We study stochastic homogenization for convex integral functionals $$u\mapsto \intD W(\omega,\tfrac{x}\varepsilon,\nabla u)\,\mathrm{d}x,\quad\mbox{where}\quad u:D\subset \mathbb{R}d\to\mathbb{R}m,$$ defined on Sobolev spaces. Assuming only stochastic integrability of the map $\omega\mapsto W(\omega,0,\xi)$, we prove homogenization results under two different sets of assumptions, namely $\bullet_1\quad$ $W$ satisfies superlinear growth quantified by the stochastic integrability of the Fenchel conjugate $W^*(\cdot,0,\xi)$ and a mild monotonicity condition that ensures that the functional does not increase too much by componentwise truncation of $u$, $\bullet_2\quad$ $W$ is $p$-coercive in the sense $
^p\leq W(\omega,x,\xi)$ for some $p>d-1$. Condition $\bullet_2$ directly improves upon earlier results, where $p$-coercivity with $p>d$ is assumed and $\bullet_1$ provides an alternative condition under very weak coercivity assumptions and additional structure conditions on the integrand. We also study the corresponding Euler-Lagrange equations in the setting of Sobolev-Orlicz spaces. In particular, if $W(\omega,x,\xi)$ is comparable to $W(\omega,x,-\xi)$ in a suitable sense, we show that the homogenized integrand is differentiable.