Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

G. Scilla - F. Solombrino - B. Stroffolini

Integral representation and $\Gamma$-convergence for free-discontinuity problems with $p(\cdot)$-growth

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Year: 2022

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An integral representation result for free-discontinuity energies defined on the space $GSBV^{p(\cdot)}$ of generalized special functions of bounded variation with variable exponent is proved, under the assumption of log-Hölder continuity for the variable exponent $p(x)$. Our analysis is based on a variable exponent version of the global method for relaxation devised in Bouchitté, Fonseca, Leoni and Mascarenhas (2002) for a constant exponent. We prove $\Gamma$-convergence of sequences of energies of the same type, we identify the limit integrands in terms of asymptotic cell formulas and prove a non-interaction property between bulk and surface contributions.

Keywords: Free-discontinuity problems, Integral representation, Γ-convergence, p(x)-growth