Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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V. Crismale - G. Lazzaroni - R. Rossi

Singular limits of a coupled elasto-plastic damage system as viscosity and hardening vanish

created by lazzaroni on 12 Apr 2022
modified by rossi on 14 Apr 2022



Inserted: 12 apr 2022
Last Updated: 14 apr 2022

Year: 2022


The paper studies the asymptotic analysis of a model coupling elastoplasticity and damage depending on three parameters -- governing viscosity, plastic hardening, and convergence rate of plastic strain and displacement to equilibrium -- as they vanish in different orders. The notion of limit evolution obtained is proven to coincide in any case with a notion introduced by Crismale and Rossi in 2019; moreover, such solutions are closely related to those obtained in the vanishing-viscosity limit by Crismale and Lazzaroni in 2016, for the analogous model where only the viscosity parameter was present.


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