Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

M. Ruf - T. Ruf

Stochastic homogenization of degenerate integral functionals and their Euler-Lagrange equations

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Accepted Paper

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Journal: J. ́Ec. Polytech. Math.
Year: 2021

ArXiv: 2109.13013 PDF


We prove stochastic homogenization for integral functionals defined on Sobolev spaces, where the stationary, ergodic integrand satisfies a degenerate growth condition of the form \[c \mid\!\xi A(\omega,x)\!\mid^p\leq f(\omega,x,\xi)\leq \mid\!\xi A(\omega,x)\!\mid^p+\Lambda(\omega,x)\] for some $p\in (1,+\infty)$ and with a stationary and ergodic diagonal matrix $A$ such that its norm and the norm of its inverse satisfy minimal integrability assumptions. We also consider the convergence when Dirichlet boundary conditions or an obstacle condition are imposed. Assuming the strict convexity and differentiability of $f$ with respect to its last variable, we further prove that the homogenized integrand is also strictly convex and differentiable. These properties allow us to show homogenization of the associated Euler-Lagrange equations.