Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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S. Bianchini - M. Colombo - G. Crippa - L. V. Spinolo

Optimality of integrability estimates for advection-diffusion equations

created by colombom on 07 Feb 2017


Submitted Paper

Inserted: 7 feb 2017

Year: 2017


We discuss $L^p$ integrability estimates for the solution $u$ of the advection-diffusion equation $\partial_t u + div (bu) = \Delta u$, where the velocity field $b \in L^r_t L^q_x$. We first summarize some classical results proving such estimates for certain ranges of the exponents $r$ and $q$. Afterwards we prove the optimality of such ranges by means of new original examples.

Keywords: parabolic equations, Advection-diffusion equations, integrability estimates and their optimality, Duhamel formula, self-similar solutions

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