Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory
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M. Eleuteri - L. Lussardi

Thermal control of a rate-independent model for permanent inelastic effects in shape memory materials

created by lussardi on 30 Aug 2014


Published Paper

Inserted: 30 aug 2014
Last Updated: 30 aug 2014

Journal: Evolution Equations and Control Theory
Volume: 3
Number: 3
Pages: 411-427
Year: 2014


We address the thermal control of the quasi-static evolution of a polycrystalline shape memory alloy specimen. The thermomechanical evolution of the body is described by means of an extension of the phenomenological Souza-Auricchio model accounting also for permanent inelastic effects. By assuming to be able to control the temperature of the body in time we determine the corresponding quasi-static evolution in the energetic sense. In a similar, using results by Rindler we prove the existence of optimal controls for a suitably large class of cost functionals.

Keywords: Shape memory alloys; optimal control


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