Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

F. Serra Cassano - D. Vittone

Graphs of bounded variation, existence and local boundedness of non-parametric minimal surfaces in Heisenberg groups

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Journal: Adv. Calc. Var.
Volume: 7
Number: 4
Pages: 409--492
Year: 2014


In the setting of the sub-Riemannian Heisenberg group $\mathbb H^n$, we introduce and study the classes of $t$- and intrinsic graphs of bounded variation. For both notions we prove the existence of non-parametric minimal surfaces, i.e., of graphs which are boundaries of sets minimizing the perimeter measure. For minimal graphs we also prove a local boundedness result which is sharp at least in the case of $t$-graphs in $\mathbb H^1$.

Keywords: minimal surfaces, Heisenberg group, bounded variation, sub-Riemannian geometry