Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

L. Freddi - R. Paroni - T. Roubicek - C. Zanini

Quasistatic delamination models for Kirchhoff-Love plates

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Journal: ZAMM Z. Angew. Math. Mech.
Volume: 91
Number: 11
Pages: 845-865
Year: 2011


A quasistatic rate-independent brittle delamination problem and also an adhesive unilateral contact problem is considered on a prescribed normally-positioned surface in a plate with a finite thickness. By letting the thickness of the plate go to zero, two quasistatic rate-independent crack models with prescribed path for Kirchhoff-Love plates are obtained as limit of these quasistatic processes.

Keywords: dimension reduction, rate-independent processes, brittle delamination, adhesive contact