Calculus of Variations and Geometric Measure Theory

Modeling and analysis in nanomagnetism and beyond

created by novaga on 11 Feb 2024
modified by palatucci on 17 Feb 2024

27 may 2024 - 31 may 2024   [open in google calendar]

Department of Mathematics, University of Parma

This week-long interdisciplinary workshop brings together experts in Nonlinear Analysis and Calculus of Variations with modelers, computational scientists and experimentalists working on problems arising from spintronics - an emergent field of Microelectronics that attempts to harness the spin degree of freedom of an electron in addition to its electric charge for computer and information technologies. Recent advances in nanofabrication have allowed an unprecedented degree of control of material properties, enabling existence of topological spin textures in magnetic heterostructures. Their modeling and analysis pose exciting challenges at the intersection of Mathematics and the applied Sciences and provide a fresh fertile ground for the Calculus of Variations.

Organizers: Massimiliano Morini, Cyrill Muratov, Matteo Novaga, Giampiero Palatucci.

Speakers: Anne Bernand-Mantel, Laurent Bétermin, Antonio Capella, Marco Cicalese, Giovanni Di Fratta, Alessandro Giuliani, Nikolai Kiselev, Hans Knüpfer, Jan Kristensen, Vitaly Moroz, Cyrill Muratov, Matteo Novaga, Melanie Rupflin, Filipp Rybakov, Joao Sampaio, Theresa M. Simon, Valeriy Slastikov, Oleg Tchernyshyov.